Decarbonizing the World: The Role of Innovation and Talent

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ALLY Energy

In an era marked by rising temperatures, the need for innovative solutions and people to come together to decarbonize the world has never been more critical.

And that's what this year's Energy 2.0 UN-Conference: The Energy Renaissance did.  

Juliana Garaizar, a founding partner of Energy Tech Nexus, stands at the forefront of this movement, championing new technologies and stakeholder collaboration to drive the future. At a recent panel discussion at Energy 2.0, we look into Garaizar’s insights on decarbonization, the pivotal role of the energy workforce, and the exciting launch of the inaugural Houston Energy and Climate Week.


The Call for Innovation

Juliana brings a wealth of expertise to the energy industry, having led the launch of Greentown Labs Houston. She emphasizes the urgency for new technologies that can significantly reduce carbon emissions. "The transition to clean energy is not just an option; it is an imperative," Garaizar asserts. Technological innovation is the linchpin in this transition, providing tools that mitigate climate change and spur economic growth.


Key Innovations in Focus

  • Renewable Energy Technologies: Solar, wind, and hydroelectric power are evolving, offering more efficient and cost-effective solutions. Energy storage innovations, such as advanced batteries, are also pivotal.
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): These technologies capture carbon emissions from industrial processes and store them underground, preventing them from entering the atmosphere.
  • Smart Grids: Integrating AI and IoT into energy grids can optimize energy distribution, reduce waste, and accommodate renewable energy sources.

A Network of Founders by Founders

What sets Energy Tech Nexus apart is its foundation built by industry veterans who have dedicated their careers to energy and climate solutions. Juliana Garaizar and Jason Ethier are climate technology pioneers who understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the energy sector.   


Changing Perceptions of Houston

Jason Ethier once noted, "As an entrepreneur, sometimes you feel a gap in the market in your bones and you just have to do something about it," reflecting on his realization that Houston was often undervalued. "Houston isn't viewed as a cool place to build a company if you don't know how good it is to be here." Through their efforts, Ethier and Garaizar are transforming Houston into a global hub for energy innovation and sustainability.

The Call for Talent

Garaizar and Ethier recognize that technology alone cannot drive the change needed; stakeholder engagement is equally crucial. Collaborative efforts among governments, corporations, and communities are essential to implementing solutions on a large scale to drive economic and jobs for all, as is working with many hubs across the world. Energy Tech Nexus, in partnership with ALLY Energy, exemplifies this global and collaborative approach.

Changing Perceptions of Energy Careers

ALLY Energy celebrates 10 years this fall.  Formerly Pink Petro the company was seeking to address diversity gaps.  ALLY has built a diverse network committed to decarbonization with a focus on the energy workforce of the future. "We're changing the way people think about energy jobs, fixing hiring issues, and democratizing access to great companies and people," says Katie Mehnert, CEO and Founder of ALLY Energy

The Inaugural Houston Energy and Climate Week

In a bid to further drive collaboration and innovation, Juliana Garaizar and Katie Mehnert are co-chairs of the inaugural Houston Energy and Climate Week. This event aims to bring thought leaders, innovators, and stakeholders to share strategies and ideas that accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. The week is a gift to the community as a part of a nonprofit formed to organize it called, Allies in Energy.

The upcoming week represents a significant step towards uniting stakeholders in and outside of Houston in the fight against climate change. Garaizar, Ethier, and Mehnert are about creating sustainable solutions and reshaping perceptions to foster a resilient future, one connection and job at a time.


Join us at Houston Energy and Climate Week and be part of this transformative journey. Together, let's create a sustainable and thriving future.


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