Preparing for the next decade and race

Written by:

Katie Mehnert


Just as running a marathon is a test of physical endurance and determination, the last decade has been quite the journey. As I reflect on the remarkable journey of the last ten years (yes, I said 10, ALLY is turning 10), it is clear that we have grown and evolved doing things I'd never imagined. From a fledgling start-up concocted on paper napkins to a recognized force within the energy sector, our collective strides have been significant. I remember when the words climate change, equity, and the energy transition weren't "cool" yet we talked about it and have been pushing for change.

I must acknowledge that our work is far from done and it is not work we do alone. 

The energy landscape continues to undergo seismic shifts, becoming a melting pot of traditional and alternative resources, making our mission more exciting and complex than ever. As we grapple with the pressing need to address climate change while managing the persistent demand for fossil fuels, the nuances of our work become all the more relevant.  Human capital will solve this. 

Amid these complexities, we've made significant progress in uniting diverse voices around the crucial issues of the energy transition and reducing emissions. A rational middle approach and our advocacy for the workforce have helped to foster more substantial and meaningful dialogues around energy innovation and sustainability with people at the heart of it.

Yet, as we look to the horizon, we realize that our journey is only just beginning.

We call on the ALLY Energy community, our clients, and new hearts and minds to engage further. Whether you choose to join as a member, work with your company, learn, connect, or leverage our talent platform, each action you take contributes to our shared goal: a vibrant equitable energy workforce ready for the future!

In particular, I want to attention to the role that Houston is playing in leading the way.  Big shout-outs to Greater Houston Partnership, HETI, Rice Alliance, UH-Energy, Greentown Labs, and many more who are positioning us for the future.  The city's commitment to energy innovation serves as a model for us all, demonstrating that change is not only possible but achievable when we work together. I'm proud of what we've been able to achieve but it's a collective that makes us stronger!

You are ALLY Energy – the leading community changing and architecting the human capital behind energy innovation. I look forward to a prosperous year ahead.


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