The energy workforce is on the verge of a transformation

Written by:

Katie Mehnert

The process of matching people to jobs across all forms of energy is about to enter a new era. In just a matter of months, a new solution will arrive, helping to solve the biggest, most pressing challenges in hiring.

Combining AI technologies with unprecedented insights into the people who power our world — and the people who are ready to join our workforce — this system will achieve what energy has needed for so long: managing human capital the way it manages all its other assets. Finally, energy will bring the same precision and know-how to workforce development.

I know this tool is coming because, I’m thrilled to say, our team and, more importantly, the community we’ve built, friends, allies, and customers, are working with top experts to build it. It’s the next stage in our evolution.

When I launched the company ten years ago, it was aimed at bringing women into the sector and ending systems that held back half the potential workforce. It quickly grew into an organization focused on delivering all forms of diversity — including race and socioeconomics, age, perspectives, physical abilities, and much more.  It also became “all” energy because, let’s face it, we need all the tools to combat our challenges in the energy trilemma

As many of you know, the results have exceeded our dreams. ALLY became a globally recognized organization, giving voice to people previously unheard in energy.

The vision was always about creating a marketplace of top talent. The industry has let its talent pipeline dry up too many times throughout many generations as highly skilled, energetic workers flocked to other industries.  This brain drain is a waste and is not helping us address our biggest challenges with increased energy demand while balancing the challenges of climate change.  

I discussed this last week at a gathering of just 60 powerful leaders who represent stakeholders worldwide. The Pachamama Alliance organized the three-day workshop to " accelerate an evolutionary leap that transforms our species’ dominant way of being from human supremacy to sacred reciprocity with Earth, one another, and all life.”

katie mehnert pachamama alliance

Coming from a background in oil and gas, I wasn’t surprised to be seen as different from many other participants, who included heads of non-profits, indigenous groups, and more. I welcomed conversations with them by putting on my “Dirty Nasty People” shirt — a reference to the documentary by that name, which shows that the energy workforce is not made up of stereotypical villains trying to pollute for profits.

Participants were welcoming, supportive, and excited about ALLY's future. They embraced our community as a bridge between two worlds — the traditional oil and gas industry that has fueled human advancements for decades and the world of new, lower-carbon energy. 

The transition to Net Zero requires great minds ready to innovate and cooperate. From climate tech to renewable energy companies to the carbon capture and renewable energy projects within oil and gas giants, there are seemingly endless opportunities for talented people to help change the world.

I left with renewed enthusiasm, focus, drive, and, most of all, grit. Speaking of which, nominations for our annual GRIT Awards are due by July 12, so get them in now!

Soon, I’ll share more about the technology we’re developing to help match people to jobs that fit their skills, personal goals, and culture. It’s a game-changer for the industry, and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it!  To join in, sign up here.


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