How to Talk About Emotional Wellness

Written by:

Katie Mehnert

Emotional wellbeing is so important to being productive and healthy. The pandemic has brought on added stress that is difficult to manage, and even talk about. Recent market plunge and overall outlook in energy is driving waves of layoffs, economic stress and other added anxiety.

And while there’s no cure for this heightened anxiety, there are ways to smarten your approach to dealing with it that can meaningfully reduce your overall sense of helplessness. Join us for a discussion with Susan R. Steinbruecker, LCSW about emotional wellbeing, why it is important but also how managers can recognize the signs of stress and anxiety in their teams and what they can do to help.

Sue is a psychotherapist with Southwest Psychotherapy. She brings many years of clinical and leadership experience to her work with individuals and couples. Sue received her undergraduate degree from Valparaiso (IN) University and her graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Prior to beginning her private practice, Sue worked in a variety of healthcare settings. Sue was recruited to MD Anderson where she worked in several leadership positions. Working with cancer patients convinced Sue of the power of hope and the courage it spawns. Sue works from a strengths perspective, helping people identify and activate all of their resources toward their goals with a vision of success.

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