Moving the Energy Transition to Action

Written by:

Katie Mehnert

The drive to transform energy is on. 

International politics, eyes on Ukraine and Russia, and a lingering pandemic leaves us tired – but also no longer willing to put up with traditional norms.

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most severe economic and energy disruptions to date. Our resilience has been tested. And our assumptions around the roles of business, investors, and government are shifting. The pandemic resulted in disruptions to business operations, supply chain systems, company cultures, employee expectations, mobility, and life as we knew it. But the impact doesn’t stop there. The energy transition will also feel longer-lasting implications, affecting future generations.

ALLY’s annual Energy 2.0 unconference brings together and celebrates the diverse perspectives, people, and companies needed to bring the transition forward. 

ALLY is a platform for leaders, investors, policymakers, the workforce, and civil society to transform business by sharing ideas while opening minds and opportunities. 

With so much talent coming together to create more efficient energy solutions, it begs the question, “What common themes are bringing everyone together?”

The Four Themes of Energy 2.0 

Accelerating the energy transition to affect climate change positively and at pace is a BIG challenge no one person, company, community, or even country can tackle alone. We have made progress, but let’s be honest, not enough and not fast enough, so we need to gather momentum. I believe we can achieve this by using lessons learned, especially from recent crises.

We know it’s going to take the right mix of people, the right capabilities, and the right mindset to achieve this, but they can’t work together positively or accelerate without the right cultures – inclusive, safe, open, and honest cultures.

We need cultures that promote and support collaboration and encourage partnerships. We need teams willing and able to work together no matter what color, gender, sexuality, politics, company, or country they come from. This takes unifying on a common purpose, setting aside the ego of ‘I’, to win together as ‘WE’. 

When we partner together this way, we will see more innovation emerge, more iterations, more building on one another's ideas, leading to more progress! If we can be curious with one another, ask questions, share, and learn from each other, then creativity and new technologies can and will be found.  

Last but so not least, we need to hold each other accountable for delivering in a faster, smarter, better, and more collaborative way. This comes from private and public measurement, benchmarks, and comparative data. 

1. People & Culture

The energy industry has long looked a certain way. It’s changing, but not fast enough to keep up with the world and the new generations it is creating. We cannot afford to become even more out of date.

By creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds and cultures, we at ALLY continue to provide in person and digital platforms for differing perspectives to be heard and acknowledged. Because doing the same thing with the same people only brings more of the same solutions. We are destined to be on the front lines of transitioning our economy to align with Energy 2.0. And it’s going to take a diverse group of people. From all ethnicities and cultures with different personal, professional, local, and worldly experiences – what differentiates us is what makes us stronger.

Energy 2.0 is more than just new energy. It’s a new mindset that needs us to evolve our cultures to support diversity, collaboration, innovation, and ownership. 

Many now understand the need to evolve our cultures, but if we can define the ideal behaviors we need, develop them and recruit for them and work on this together – we can get there so much faster. 

2. Collaboration & Partnership

Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." When you bring minds together, your ability for impact and expansion multiplies.

We need closer relationships between incumbent energy companies and startups, between academia and corporate, between government and community. We need to partner and collaborate with each other more than ever to create an equitable energy transition, innovate, and build a sustainable and low-carbon future.

How do we accomplish that? 

  • Looking past the “norms” of the past
  • Welcoming feedback and bold new ideas
  • Asking questions and listening to hear, not respond
  • Owning your vulnerabilities, no one is perfect, and that’s OK!

It is time to set aside our differences and find commonalities. We all share a common purpose to work towards. Now let’s get to work!

3. Innovation & Technology

Technology would not be what it is today without innovative minds. 

To transform the global energy sector by the second half of this century, we need to collectively and consistently drive more innovation. This means diversifying your talent pool for more and better ideas. When we challenge our beliefs and knowledge of a subject matter, we become more motivated to make great things happen and innovative minds prosper.

But just as our predecessors didn’t stop with Energy 1.0 advances, we won’t either. There is an entire untapped world full of data, ideas, and inspiration for what the future can and will bring. Being on the front lines doesn’t necessarily mean being the one with the ideas. But being an ally and supporting these opportunities can make each of us effective resources for the future of new energy. Especially by embracing and utilizing emerging technology platforms, AI, and the Metaverse.

Without the right people, technology can’t move forward. Be a part of the movement and join ALLY today!

4. Measurement & Accountability

What gets measured gets done. 

First, we need to define what success looks like for companies and the energy industry as a whole. We need success to be aspirational yet realistic, it needs to manage risk, but also inspire the right actions.  

Then we need to put private and public systems in place that hold us all accountable, allow us to show and share progress, and ensure we own and learn from setbacks. 

Today’s talent wants to find companies with purpose and vision. And employees want to understand the ESG landscape for the teams they join. Today’s companies want to maximize return now, maintain their credibility, and deliver a carbon neutral future. 

We believe both can be achieved.

Let’s Un-Conference!

Come join the action and help us celebrate the diversity of thought with ALLY and those who are stepping up for change.

Come as you are, whether that be in athletic wear, your favorite thrifted suit, or even your most recent cosplay outfit – all are welcome to join the unconventional unconference. Because more of the same is boring, and that gets us nowhere. Whatever makes you feel the most relaxed, open, and creative!

We are coming together to drive change in how we view energy and the workforce needed to make the change happen. Be a part of this crucial time in history by joining us..

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