Climate Week Houston

Climate Week

Houston is the global epicenter of energy transition innovation.  Houston Climate Week serves as a significant platform, driving awareness and education around the energy transition and climate change. Spanning a week of inspiring events, this initiative unites educators, experts, and the broader community in a collective effort to understand our climate and the energy systems that impact it.  Houston Climate Week is more than an event; it's a catalyst for change, sparking dialogue and fostering understanding to empower individuals and companies to take informed actions toward a sustainable future.  At Houston Climate Week 2024, we will bring together leaders, politicians, investors, NGOs,  national labs, universities, international trade organizations, founders, students, researchers, and civil society to co-create a global platform of cutting-edge solutions to climate change.

Houston Climate Week 2024 interested participating companies, organizations, and academic institutions are starting to plan their events for 2024 so make sure to subscribe to be invited to the briefing meetings for event organizers. Sign up to get on the list!


Event Details

9 September, 2024

08:00 AM


Open to the Public

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